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Mobile machine Sunny-014 (025) for foam concrete production

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This machine works without foam generator. Read more

This line decrease the manual operations in several times and produce foam concrete better quality because of exact dosage of all components. Read more

One of the most asked questions is – “What do I need to buy for starting X cubic meters of block per day production?”.
Before starting the foam concrete production line and before making your order you need to give a definite answer to the following questions:Here you find an answer. Below you find the typical sets for different productivity plants. Read more

foam concrete blockWhen you produce foam concrete with Fomm-Prof machine it has liquid state.

You can pour foam concrete to floor, roof, wall formwork directly on construction site. But for producing blocks like on picture on the right foam concrete has to poured to special mold and stay there for 10-16 hours (depend on water and cement quality). Read more

Foam generator Fomm-PGM is a result of more then 8 years of work genius Russian engineers.  It is easy, simply operated, fully automatic and super reliable!

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This machine started to produce in 2002 year and since that time became one of the top sales machine in the world. For a now over 500 machines works all over the world.

When you buy Fomm-Prof machine you get complete set of equipment that you need for producing foam concrete. Our genius Russian engineers invented this machine as all in one reliable and automated system.

You can see live dispatchings of machine and ask technical questions on our support board.

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