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Mobile machine Sunny-014 (025) for foam concrete production

This machine works without foam generator.

machine for foam concrete productionHow it works

the machine is aimed for foam concrete production by means of mixing manufactured foam with concrete mixture, all in one vessel without foam generator. This machine transfer foam concrete for distance up to 15 meters and height up to 5 meters without pump. It use air pressure for transfer. So machine needs additional compressor with productivity 150 liters per minute or more.

Technical description




Maintaining personnel

3 persons

3 persons

Weight in unloaded condition



Capacity, cubic meter of foam concrete

1.5 cubic meter per hour

3 cubic meter per hour




Volume of operating reservoir of a mixer

140 litres

250 litres

Operational air pressure of a mixer

0.8 atm.

0.8 atm.

Power voltage



Density rank of foam concrete

500-1000 kg\cubic meter

500-1000 kg\cubic meter

Consumed power КW\h

3 КW\h

5 КW\h

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