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Foam generator Fomm-PGM

Foam generator Fomm-PGM is a result of more then 8 years of work genius Russian engineers.  It is easy, simply operated, fully automatic and super reliable!

foam generator for foam concrete

For starting producing foam Fomm-PGM connected to:

  1. electricity 220V
  2. air line (air compressor with productivity about 500 liters per minute
  3. barrel with mix of foaming agent GreenFroth and water (33 liters of water and 1 liter of foaming agent)

After that you input in digital control how many seconds Fomm-PGM should work. For example for fill machine with 1 cub.m.  capacity it needs about 120 seconds.

After that you just push button start and foam generator will produce foam. During the process you can regulate the density of foam by turning air pressure regulation valve.

Important! There many foam generators on market that used special dosage pump for pumping foaming agent into the generator. Also they need to connect to water line with pressure 3 bar. We stopped to produce such kind generators because:

  1. usually it is difficult to find water line with 3bar pressure, so you need to use additional pumps and devices
  2. dosage pump is very sensitive for dirty and often stop to works and need complicated maintenance and repairs. And while you stay your business lost money. Foam generator Fomm-PGM successfully works for years all over the world – Russia, Europe, India, Australia, Latin America.
Made in Russia – works good. Every time. Everywhere.

Technical description

Maintaining personnel 1 person
Weight in unloaded condition 60kg
Capacity of foam 200 litres per minute
Dimensions 1300х700х800mm
Operational air pressure 6 atm.
Power voltage 220V
Rank of foam density adjusting within limits 20-200 gr\litre
Consumed power КW\h 3 КW\h

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