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GreenFroth – protein foaming agent

GreenFroth one of the best foaming agent for foam concrete production. It used on many foam concrete plants all over the world.

With GreenFroth it is possible to produce good quality foam concrete in different outside conditions. GreenFroth was designed especially for foamed concrete production and allow to produce foam concrete blocks, flooring and other scopes.

pouring foam concrete

pouring foam concrete to roof

Steps of producing foam concrete with GreenFroth.

  1. In the beginning of shift preparing water + GreenFroth solution (for 1 of GreenFroth 30 liter of water).
  2. Foaming generator Fomm-PGM produce foam that weight about 60 gram per liter.
  3. Cement + sand mortar is mixed with foam for getting foam concrete. Than more foam then lighter foam concrete. (Read article about foam concrete production).

Technical information about foaming agent GreenFroth.

Description Brown clear liquid; non nauseous, innocuous for the skin and mucus membranes, non toxic, non fermentable
Base  protein
Weight 1.15kg per liter
Density  1.15 gr/cc
Viscosity at 20°C = 105 ctstock max; at 0°C = 3510 ctstock max
Storage Important! in a cool ventilated place, NOT DIRECT SUN!
Lifetime 3 years
Packing metal barrels 230 kg

Additional information.

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