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Fomm-Prof – machine for producing foam concrete

This machine started to produce in 2002 year and since that time became one of the top sales machine in the world. For a now over 500 machines works all over the world.

When you buy Fomm-Prof machine you get complete set of equipment that you need for producing foam concrete. Our genius Russian engineers invented this machine as all in one reliable and automated system.

You can see live dispatchings of machine and ask technical questions on our support board.

Fomm-Prof machine

Foam concrete machine Fomm-Prof is included

  1. mortar mixer (to prepare cement+sand+water mix)
  2. modern and reliable foam generator Fomm-PGM (with digital control device)
  3. water pump (with digital water measuring system, you don’t need good pressure in water system and even can work in places without water, just deliver there barrel with water)
  4. foam concrete transfer system (you don’t need to buy any pumps, Fomm-Prof will pump foam concrete up to 20 meters)
  5. special hatch that automatically cut cement bags

So, for starting foam concrete production you need only Fomm-Prof machine + air compressor.

And do not forget – this machine is super reliable – it successfully works in Russia, Mexico, India, Malaysia for 5 and more years.
LLC Stroy-Beton provide clients with any spare parts and free technical support.

Still thinking what to choose?

So, one more argument for your decision – we provide all our customers with 2 years FREE support with foam concrete technology. So, if you will have any problems with foam concrete production you can call by phone or write E-Mail we will help you to solve problems.

made in Russia

Technical description


Fomm-Prof 500

Fomm-Prof 1000

Maintenance staff 3 persons 3 persons
Weight in an unloaded condition 700kg 900kg
Capacity, cub. m. of foam concrete 3 cubic m/hour 6 cubic m/hour
Dimensions 2000х1000х1500mm 2500х1200х1700mm
Volume of the mixer 500 liters 1000 liters
Model of the fitted foam generator Fomm-PGM Fomm-PGM
Operational air pressure in the mixer 0.8 atmospheres 0.8 atmospheres
Operational air pressure in the foam generator 6 atmospheres 6 atmospheres
Supply voltage 380V 380V
Density range of foam concrete 350-1200 kg/cubic m 350-1200 kg/cubic m
Ratio of foam generation no less than 12 12
Range of foam density adjustment within 20-200 grams/liter 20-200 grams/liter
Power consumption KW/h 10 Kilowatt (with a compressor) 12 Kilowatt (with a compressor)

Principles of work

Steps of foam concrete production with Fomm-Prof machine:

  1. preparing sand+cement+water mix in the mixer (water dosing is controlled by digital measuring device)
  2. add foam to mixer (the quantity of foam controlled by digital timer)
  3. mix mortar with foam
  4. pump foam concrete for flooring or to mould for producing blocks (no need separate pump, the distance of pumping up to 20 meters)

Technical features and benefits

special construction of mixer provide best quality of foam concrete foam concrete machine inside
special hatch that automatically cut cement bags, allow to load cement easy unloading device
 super reliable outlet valve – it works up to 5 years and easy maintenance  hose valve for concrete

Public information


1. In this movie 2 parts
– work with moulds and manual loading cement and sand
– automatic dosing system and de-moulding machine

2. With automatic dosing system and cutting machine


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