recipe for wall putty

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recipe for wall putty

Postby ubrothers2 » Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:48 am

Hi Alex

have been dealing with a chemical company for developing our own wall putty and have been forwarded the following recipe
white cement 25%
Fine filler(≈ 40 micron) 72.1%
MHEC 0.4%
redispersible polymer powder 2.5%

now my question is that what should be the fine fillers , as per the company they recommend the use of dolomite powder,but if we use dolomite powder which is approximately available at Rs. 10 a Kg. it is not viable to produce the putty because the cost becomes higher than the market price of the wall putty available in the market(other cost being white cement Rs.18 per kg.,mhec rs 400 kg,redispersible polymer powder rs 200 kg, so the cost of 1 kg works out at rs 18.31,whereas the product is available at rs 16 kg in the market) so what can be the alternative to dolomite powder which is cheaper and can bring down the cost
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Re: recipe for wall putty

Postby Alex » Mon Dec 12, 2016 4:48 am

There are a lof of diiferent kinds of putty. It is important part of future business to investigate what kind of local materials are available and create recipy based on them.

For example we use in Russia milled chalk and gypsum. So we have great economy because white cement is VERY expensive.

BUT - I dont know your local conditions and requirments for final putty, so I think that chemical company developed putty for your request.

Also consider possibility to add antifungal (against mold on the wall) additive. I often live in India and know that this is local problem because of big humidity and temperature.

For better advice please make pictures of local putty that you found out on the market - name, components, all labels.
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Re: recipe for wall putty

Postby ubrothers2 » Tue Dec 13, 2016 1:07 am

ok alex,
i would send you the details as asked for
in the meantime thanks a lot for the prompt reply
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